a school day with 4 student.

On thurday, we make a video about what we think  the future will be and what will have in future. then we go to art class and make ours monsters by clay. and on friday, last school day of this week. just 4 student come to school today. I think you guys will think this school day was so boring with 4 students .isn’t it? but it not. it was a really fun friday. we have a lot of fun, and game. we have the amazing race in PE class, typeracer in ICT, and texture drawing in art class. this was a very fun friday with me. and I hope ours can stay like this, friendly, with a lot of close friends. DSC_0383 picture web: http://www.theamericanschool.edu.vn/home/images/tasvietnam/slides/middle/DSC_0383.jpg

human trafficking

hi everyone, in this post I will write about the trafficling on human being. in the movie The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss, one group of sneetch see them better than the other because they have a star in front of them and the other did’t have so they see them better because of that star. so the group that did’t have the star can’t join anything or activity of the sneetch. and they are really upset about that. the group that have the star thnk that they are more intelligent than the other and that ither don’t have the right to say or doing anything.  I think the story will turn out not happy if their attitude  not change and it will be the same as the starting of the story which is one group of sneetch think better than other. I think it really important to have everyone voice to make or give out something for all society. And I also think that will be better to have everyone know or join to have something to give out anything.

my favorite game

In this post I will write about my favorite game which is Warcraft. Warcraft is a violence and blooding game but it was a really good game. Warcraft was create by Blizzard Entertainment. Warcraft was  a type of building house and send your army into war. I have a friend like warcraft too. if you like to visit his blog, click here. Blizzard Entertainment had send out a new type of Warcraft which is World Of Warcraft 3 Cataclysm. this version was really goood one. but if you like to follow the story, you would like to play Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. so I must leave now. see you next time.

family – celebrations

my family not usually meets together after my grandparents death. but before that, we usually meet to visit my grandparent and make food, playing, and a lot of other step. or sometime we have a picnic at a park or maybe go fishing, kids will playing game or something to wait to have lunch.

outside school learning

we had learn a lot of thing in school. but have any of you think about what we learn outside of school and without teachers? those thing you learn outside is really important for us to know and to learn. you study knowledge in school. but you can study how to be a good person in life. think about a person with a really great knowledge but he don’t have a good ethics. do the society accecpt him. I have leanr it too. I learn it during my life and from other people around me. it will help a lot  in my future. it will show me what is right and what is wrong? what canI do to be a good person.

my favorite book

in this post I will write about my favorite book, which is Brisingr2. in this book, Eragon had lost his sword and he went to midget people to see and try to make ally with them. then they return to elves society to study more and  to find the new sword. finally eragon had a neew sword and name it brisingr. but eragon and saphiras, master had defeat.  I just remember this much so if I forgot some detail during the story, you guy can add by leave comment. thanks

my day off

I have a day off yesterday, that was a fun day off. After i woke up, I go out to meet my friend and went with them. we played a lot and had a lot of fun activity yesterday. yesterday was fun and I hope me and my friends had more time to playing like yesterday.

picture telling

in this post I will use imagine to telling a story and here is the story.

“Zoom out”

In challenge week 5, we have a acticity call zoom out. So if I start the story with one picture, and then you guy will be the writer of the story by leaving comment and continue the story. I hope you guy will write a good story and have fun with the story. here is the picture


original imagine: beautiful white tiger
release under a :Certains droits réservés (licence Creative Commons)

original imagine: beautiful white tiger

beautiful white tiger

release under a :Certains droits réservés (licence Creative Commons)